Lists of useful links and bookmarks


Blogs and other websites I like and try to remember to check regularly. Hence this handy list.

News links

News sites, newspaper sites, TV and radio broadcast news, news searches, blogs, Chicago news, Milwaukee news, gossip, politics, tech and science news. My “what’s going on” dashboard.

Dinner recipes

Links to dinner recipes, chicken recipes, meatless recipes, pork recipes and others that we have prepared and found good enough to bookmark for future reference.

Cooking & food

Major food sites, newspaper food sections, TV chefs and cooking shows, Racine-area suppliers, markets, grocers, bakeries, ingredients, dining, restaurants, food blogs, teaching, instruction, groups and communities.

Webmaster tools

Want to design a website? Here are links to web design tools and reference sites for quick answers to the most common questions.

WordPress Links

My bookmarks for frequently-used WordPress stuff — WordPress references, plugins, etc.

Quotes about life

Inspirational quotes about life: The greatest quotations, proverbs and sayings of famous people and others.

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