Web designer Mark Czerniec

Hello, I’m Mark Czerniec (pronounced “SER-nik”), a web designer building small business websites in Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin, the greater Chicago–Milwaukee area, and beyond.

Using technology and media to share stories with an audience has delighted me since I was a kid. I was thrilled when the World Wide Web appeared in 1995 — a brilliant system allowing us to create and publish anything we can dream up at a very low cost.

Kenosha-Racine web designer since 1996

The first website I built — a guide to Kenosha, Wisconsin — went online in March of 1996, just as the general public was beginning to use the web. Almost immediately, I found myself communicating with people all over the world. Some were Kenoshans living in Tokyo and Addis Ababa. Others were former Italian soldiers looking for old comrades back here.

Web design story in Kenosha News, 1998: ‘Click on Kenosha’
My website served as Kenosha’s unofficial online chamber of commerce before the real Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce ever built a website — and long before the terms “search engine optimization” or “local SEO” were coined.

Soon, businesses began paying me to design websites for them. When the Kenosha News started to develop its online presence, the paper hired me as a consultant to train its staffers in website design basics.

I have continued to develop and maintain a variety of small business website projects over the past 27 years. My clients are in the greater Milwaukee-Chicago area, as well as other parts of the United States.

Ready to build your audience?

If you need someone to build a website from scratch, update your existing website, produce a video, or add a few touches, I would love to talk with you about how to make it happen.