The Farewell Speech: President George W. Bush bids us adios tonight at 7:00 Central. As you may have heard, Bush has spent the last couple of weeks tempting historians to confound all witnesses and judge him mildly. I have to think that contempt can only build as the cumulative damage he caused is seen in total, with its aftermath.

However, I will watch him speak, which is something I could not tolerate for a few years there. His last press conference did evoke some odd ripple of empathy, as James Fallows has admitted. Still, I don’t imagine he’ll surprise us the way, say, Eisenhower did.

MSNBC will carry the address live, with commentary to follow, so I’ll watch it there, being a Keith Olbermann viewer most nights anyway.

At 8:00, NBC has a brand new The Office, and the showdown tonight between Dwight and Andy has been building for some time.

Have I mentioned that the relationship between Dwight and Michael is an almost perfect mirror of the relationship between George W. Bush and Karl Rove? Of course I have — in my review of The Bush Tragedy, my favorite Bush book to date. I’m thinking that the next Bush-related book I have to read is Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency, by Barton Gellman. There was an All Things Considered segment tonight about Cheney keeping Bush in the dark that was absolutely chilling. Go listen. Maybe it’s more fuel for empathy.

At 8:30 on NBC, there’s a brand-new 30 Rock called “Flu Shot.” Not only am I a huge proponent of flu shots, having once suffered through the actual, honest-to-God real flu, but I am also enjoying Salma Hayek on the show since last week, and she’s on again tonight.

(Update: CathBaker has just tweeted that her son is a diner in La Grange on the Kitchen Nightmares finale tonight at 8:00 on Fox 32, so it looks like we will be using the machine to catch that.)

Tonight’s late night TV lineups probably won’t keep me up past 10:00, but maybe I’ll record Conan O’Brien because Fred Armisen will be on. Have you seen his “Obama Plays it Cool“? If not, you should. It’s way cool.

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