The George W. Bush Presidential Center

The web domain name for the George W. Bush library was in the news today on NPR’s Morning Edition:

The name is A Florida firm was handling Web services for the presidential library. The Dallas Morning News reports that the company’s rights to the domain name expired. Another company, Illuminati Karate, bought the name for less than $10. Then they sold it back to the Bush library contractor for $35,000.

And here’s that Dallas Morning News story from yesterday:

“It worked out very well,” said George Huger, lead Web developer for Illuminati Karate in Raleigh, N.C.

Mark Mills, owner of Yuma Solutions, could not be reached for comment.

Sweet Flash splash page, though.

For those who find the very combination of “George W. Bush” and “library” oxymoronic, I do remember reading in Jacob Weisberg’s The Bush Tragedy that Bush 43 devoured at least 87 books in 2006 alone — most of them histories in the 500 to 800-page range.

That’s about one tome every four days, in addition to guiding our nation’s future. And planning a library. And entertaining us all while waiting for his job to be over.

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