Video: Finishing A/C chemo, starting Taxol

by Wednesday, November 27th, 2013Breast Cancer5 comments

I can’t tell you how great I feel right now. I have the worst of the four treatments behind me and I got through the first treatment of Taxol without any problems to speak of. The first night after treatment I had so much energy that it was hard for me to get to sleep. I haven’t had one smidgen of nausea so far, which is already a relief. I keep thinking I have only 11 more treatments to go!

We have had some sad news regarding my neighbor. Liz passed away on the 16th of November, after battling cancer for over a year. She was the mom of the little dog Casper in my post on September 28.

I was so happy to have met up with my friend Susan on Monday. It just so happened that we had appointments at the same time, so it was nice to be able to visit briefly. Susan and I met years ago at Weight Watchers and have remained good friends. She was diagnosed earlier this year with breast cancer. They caught it pretty early she had a lumpectomy and is still going through chemo.

I think it’s odd that over the past three years out of a group of 7 women from WW, I am the 3rd woman in that group to have been diagnosed with breast cancer. And I keep hearing the statistics regarding breast cancer are 1 out of every 8 women are stricken. Those numbers seem to be a little off. Who knows? Maybe it’s because of the preventative screenings that more women are being diagnosed.

As you will see in the video above I am planning on having my head tattooed with henna. I am really psyched about having it done! We will make sure to record the process and share it with all of you. My head shaving video now has over 8,000 views. As always, feel free to share my posts or videos with anyone you please.

I would like to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. I do feel very thankful to be this far in my journey and to have the worst behind me.  Mark and I will be spending the day at home by ourselves. I look forward to learning how I react to the Taxol over these next few weeks. I am told that my immune system won’t be so compromised, so we can be with our families for Christmas. :)

  1. jodi Hanson

    Happy Thanksgiving Amy and family! !! Glad treatments are going well for you.

    • Amy Czerniec

      Thanks Jodi. I just got done making our cranberry sauce and am searching for a crustless pumpkin pie recipe. Enjoy your day with family.

  2. cindy

    Glad to have talked to you. Glad you are feeling better. Talk soon.

  3. lynn erickson

    So glad you’re feeling better, and hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Love seeing you and Mark on the blog together!

    • Amy Czerniec

      Lynn I always love hearing from you. We did have a nice Thanksgiving — quiet, just the two of us. I bet you had fun with your little ones and the family.


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