Chemo, Christmas & New Year’s

by Friday, January 3rd, 2014Breast Cancer21 comments

I have been in better spirits this past couple of weeks. I loved being together with family and friends during the holidays. I was so happy that everyone was feeling well and we were able to be with both our families for Christmas.

It has been so much fun playing with the various wigs that two of my girlfriends from the Circle of Hope support group lent me. I must have twenty or so different options. I can have a different hair color and style a couple times a day as you will see in the video above. It was a lot of fun, I put on a little fashion show at Christmas.

This weather has really kept us cooped up. Besides doing a lot of reading I have also been enjoying the television program My Grandmother’s Ravioli with Mo Rocca on the Cooking Channel. I love all of the seniors that have been on so far. Mo seems to have a good rapport with many of them. It’s really an inspiration to see how healthy some of these grandparents are.

I am getting excited that my chemo treatments are winding down. I now have only 6 left! Luckily the only side effect from the Taxol is that my tongue is sore. It seems to be getting a little worse each time I have treatment. The only way I can describe it is it feels like I burnt it on something very hot. I just hope that it goes away after my treatments. I am getting anxious to have my mastectomy and move on to radiation. What a way to start the new year!

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