Chemo, Christmas & New Year’s

by Friday, January 3rd, 2014Breast Cancer21 comments

I have been in better spirits this past couple of weeks. I loved being together with family and friends during the holidays. I was so happy that everyone was feeling well and we were able to be with both our families for Christmas.

It has been so much fun playing with the various wigs that two of my girlfriends from the Circle of Hope support group lent me. I must have twenty or so different options. I can have a different hair color and style a couple times a day as you will see in the video above. It was a lot of fun, I put on a little fashion show at Christmas.

This weather has really kept us cooped up. Besides doing a lot of reading I have also been enjoying the television program My Grandmother’s Ravioli with Mo Rocca on the Cooking Channel. I love all of the seniors that have been on so far. Mo seems to have a good rapport with many of them. It’s really an inspiration to see how healthy some of these grandparents are.

I am getting excited that my chemo treatments are winding down. I now have only 6 left! Luckily the only side effect from the Taxol is that my tongue is sore. It seems to be getting a little worse each time I have treatment. The only way I can describe it is it feels like I burnt it on something very hot. I just hope that it goes away after my treatments. I am getting anxious to have my mastectomy and move on to radiation. What a way to start the new year!

  1. Maria

    Happy New Year Amy & Mark! Sorry you missed your visit with the oncologist, but did I hear you correctly? The NP could not feel the tumor?? Wow! Just wow. You guys have worked so hard – this is soo good to hear!
    Can those girls be any cuter with their singing? I love it!
    I’m a pretty big Mo fan, too. Remember that Marshmallow World video Karen showed you at Christmas? Well the Cooking Channel used that song for their holiday card – check it out here:
    Oh, and how neat to find those random decorations on the trees! A little bit of unexpected sparkle on an ordinary branch – how cool is that!

    • Amy Czerniec

      Yeah I can’t believe it’s almost undetectable. I am really looking forward to seeing the MRI and comparing the two.

      The girls reminded me of when we were little and used to put on a show for everyone at Thanksgiving down in the basement at my grandmas house. :)

  2. cindy sklansky

    Hey glad to hear you are almost done. I would love to come a visit you soon. I have been busy but things are settling down. I was just thinking about calling you and then you post. I seems to happen every time. One of the major side effects of Taxol is the mouth sores. Are you going to have a double mastectomy? Hope to hear from you.

    • Amy Czerniec

      These past couple of weeks have been busy for all of us I guess. I have been thinking of you especially when we were on our walk on the pathway. :)

      I do want to have the double mastectomy.

  3. jeff & jodi hanson

    Happy New Year Amy & Mark. So glad that you are almost done with those treatments. Seems like you are enjoying life as it is given to you. Love all the hair styles and HATS…Wish I could have that many styles.. LOL Love hearing you talk about your adventures… Looking forward to a vist soon. Give me another call soon. Jeff says hello too!! Keep smiling !!!!!

    • Amy Czerniec

      Hi to you and Jeff. Jodi you should look into some wigs. It makes getting ready to go out that much faster not having to worry about doing your hair. :)

  4. lynn erickson

    Happy New Year Amy and Mark!!! I was sick right before Christmas, and was on prednisone for bronchitis and my house was so clean! That made me chuckle when I saw you doing dishes. Love the long hair hat wigs, they looked really natural.

    • Amy Czerniec

      Too bad there are so many side effects from steroids. I would have the cleanest house if I had a small dose everyday!

  5. Linda Serpe

    I really enjoyed the video. Your families are so precious, especially grandma, and those 3 little girls. Did you buy them the leopard look.

    Did you try calling the
    Reckner Research? Sue let me know she got approved, and will be in this study.

    Can’t find the Tumor? Whow this sounds really good.
    Love the Fun you are having with hair wigs.

    When you spoke about getting in touch with your spirtual side, I myself feel I was taken care of with My Lord. To this day I can say I gotten closer and has gotten me thru all of this adventure. Of course all the people, from Dr. to nurses, and our support group have been such a help.

    Bless you and your husband,

    • Amy Czerniec

      Yeah Linda all of our nieces are just precious and I can never get enough of them.

      I did call the research group but they did not have the breast cancer study going on at the time.

      I am so blessed to have a very good support team around me you included. Thanks for all of your helpful tips, and congrats on your survival. I know it’s been a long haul.

  6. Donna Flannery

    Hi Amy, What great news she could not find the tumor. Hope the MRI will show good results . You look good in the wigs. I really like the short red one . It was towards the end of the video . It’s nice to see both of the family’s Christmas celebration . I enjoyed seeing everyone . Hope the New Year brings good health for all. Love Donna.

    • Amy Czerniec

      Donna It was fun looking back at the footage from both Christmas gatherings. I am so happy that I had the chance to be with all of our wonderful family members. Too bad you couldn’t have been there. Thanks to Facetime we at least got to see you on Christmas.

      Yeah health and wealth to us all in this new year!

  7. Jamie Dieter-Pias

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for the beautiful card. I am quiet emotional these days and I am so glad that you are doing well. We have had a bout of sickness across the driveway, and as we speak Joe has been in bed for two days… Yikes! I was in his place prior to that. …in bed as much as a “mom” is aloud to be….

    I have found inspiration in so many people in my life. In those I have not meet and others that live next door. I recently started weight watchers again and one of the 1st questions asked was why? I answered 1. my mom and dad :) they beat my ass up and down a snow hill and 2. my neighbor because she did it and I can too. She is healthy and has proven that its not that hard.

    Thanks again for your inspiration,

    PS. The other person that that has inspired me that I haven’t met, but his story moves me greatly.

    • Amy Czerniec

      Jamie I am so sorry to hear about you two being sick. You’re right it must be hard to handle the kids while you are laid up with the flu.

      Good for you on hooking up with WW. I wish you success. I can’t wait to get back to my weekly meetings. I am counting down the days!

      Wow I want to thank you for the link to the Steve Gleason story. That ALS is really a devastating disease. Being kept prisoner inside a frozen body. I too am inspired by him and his wife, what a great team the two of them are.

  8. Kathy Hedgspeth

    Happy New Year to Amy & Mark! I hope that 2014 turns out better for you. I love watching your video blogs, you can really see the love that Mark and your families have for you. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and is now battling bladder cancer. A positive attitude does wonders!

    Kathy Hedgspeth

    PS. I do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, this year will be my 11th walk.

    • Amy Czerniec

      Thanks Kathy for watching my videos, I am glad that you like them. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful loving support group all around me.

      I am so sorry to hear that your mother has to go through a second diagnosis. I wish her the best.

      Good for you being involved with the Avon walk, I was going to do it years ago. Maybe it’s something I will make sure to do now. I hear it is a touching experience.

      Take care and Happy New Year.

  9. Paulette Sanderson

    Happy New Year! I read the blog, and watch your video reports and I am truly impressed with your positive attitude and your ability to communicate your feelings with all of us. I kept a special eye out for all of the wig changes during the video, and I must say you looked good in all of them, but my favorite was the red wig. Of course, I am a huge I Love Lucy fan and that might have influenced me. Love red hair!

    • Amy Czerniec

      Paulette it was so nice to talk on the phone last night. I always can be guaranteed a good laugh or two with you. I miss our days at Maidenform, it never felt like we were at work. :)

      That’s right I forgot how much you love the ‘I Love Lucy’ shows. I personally have been fond of the blonde wigs.

  10. sandie

    Hi Amy –

    I got to work this morning and had two people ask me how you were doing ? I jumped on here to show them. Look s like 2014 has good news for you. Awesome they could not feel the tumor :) wishing all the best for you .

    ( Scott H & Dave V as well)

    • Amy Czerniec

      Hi Sandie, How nice to hear from you. It’s funny I was just thinking of Dave V. the other day.

      I hope everyone is doing well at Stericycle. Say hi to everyone for me.

  11. Tanya Reuter

    I have been following your blog because I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I will start chemo in three weeks. You have been an inspiration to me. I only live two hours from you. I live in Oshkosh. I would love it if we could connect somehow through email or Facebook. We actually used to live in Kenosha. 3 out of 4 of my children were born there.


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