Chemotherapy-friendly food from a cancer cookbook

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I took yesterday to make some staples to have on hand for the upcoming weeks. Mark and I are trying to figure out what I should and shouldn’t be eating. We were supposed to meet with a dietitian on my first day of chemotherapy treatment but for some reason, her schedule was backed up and she couldn’t meet with us. The doctor did give me a short list of things to eat but I wanted maybe some options and recipes as well.

When we got home from the hospital that night Mark started looking around on the internet for some kind of guidance as to what to eat while on chemo. He came across a post from The Salt blog on the NPR website which referred us to a cancer cookbook called The Cancer Fighting Kitchen. It seemed like something that I would like.

stock pot cooking Magic Mineral Broth recipe during chemotherapy
I looked through a few of the recipes and decided to give the Magic Mineral Broth a try along with the Ginger Syrup. There are a lot of ingredients in the broth, but once you get it together all it has to do is simmer on the stove for a couple of hours. This gives you time to wonder where you’re going to store it once it’s done. The one recipe made over 16 cups or so of broth. I was able to put half of that in the freezer for another use. I will be making the Chicken Vegetable Soup with Ginger Meatballs later today.
bowl of boiled root vegetables
I didn’t have the heart to throw away the boiled-to-death root vegetables, so I saved them and they actually made a nice little breakfast, all mashed up like my grandmother used to do for me when I was small and wouldn’t eat my carrots and potatoes. But this time just a little different from when grandma used lots butter. This time all the veggies were infused with garlic, leeks, juniper berries, bay leaf, and parsley — and I topped it off with cancer-preventing olive oil, ha ha!!!

Yum yum! It was very comforting this morning.

The ginger syrup looks like it is going to be wonderful. I had a sample last night as a warm beverage which made me feel good. It was very strong and sharp with ginger. I look forward to having my homemade ginger ale later today.
stock pot of mineral broth, ginger syrup
Yesterday was one of my more difficult days since my diagnosis. For some reason, I was very emotional and depressed. I am having a hard time with all the do’s and don’ts. It’s a little overwhelming. I know I will have these waves of feelings. I just have to keep coping and hope they don’t get more frequent. Today I am feeling happier and more on track.
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  1. Amy Evans

    I like this. I like that you taking charge. Maybe you will be inspired to write a cancer fighting cookbook some day. I’ve already got a title for you….Go Fuck Yourself Cancer. What do you think? Love you!!!!

    • Amy Czerniec

      Amy – You are so funny. I LOVE the title of the book!

      I love you too.

  2. Maria

    Sometimes you have to wonder if the reason why something doesn’t work out is to move you in the direction of something better. (At least, that is how I like to look at it). While it is unfortunate that the dietitian wasn’t available, it seems this book you found is pretty helpful. I have heard a lot about the benefits of ginger from my survivor friends, the purer the drink the better, so I can’t wait to hear about your homemade ginger ale. But mostly, I agree with Amy. With all the cooking you and Mark do I think a cookbook is on the horizon so keep copious notes of all of this! And the title couldn’t be better – seriously!!

    • Amy Czerniec

      Maria – I shared some of my homemade ginger ale with Mark last night. I thought it was great. Not too sweet and a little sharp. Mark thought it would have been sharper, but he still liked it.

  3. jeff & jodi hanson

    Hi Amy,

    Just wanted to say HELLO and wish you well. I know how god can take us on new adventures, but yours will be challenging. I know you will do well and fight the cancer. We would love to get together some time for a nice chat or visit. we will keep you in ours prayers. Call if you need anything. Hi to Mark!!!! Oh about your cook book I agree with the girls!! Keep writing!!! LOL and the name is perfect!!! :)
    Love Ya,

    Jodi & Jeff Hanson


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