There’s a really bizarre story in the news this morning about a chimpanzee attack: A 200-pound pet chimp named Travis has been shot and killed by police in Stamford, Connecticut after a violent attack that has left a woman in critical condition with life threatening and “life-changing” injuries.

WFSB, the CBS affiliate in Hartford, has some awful details:

Neighbors told Eyewitness News that the chimp bit the woman’s hands off.

“He bit off both her hands, I guess,” said Herold’s friend, Lynn Mecca. “The cop said he was biting her face … it’s terrible. I don’t want to talk about it.”

A Stamford Advocate story includes photos of Travis, and reports that ” the 15-year-old chimp was toilet trained, dressed himself, took his own bath, ate at the table and drank wine from a stemmed glass. He brushed his teeth using a Water Pik, logged onto the computer to look at pictures, and watched television using the remote control.”

A New York Daily News story has more information from Stamford, Conn., police Capt. Rich Conklin:

Conklin said it wasn’t clear what set him off, but theorized Travis’ bout with Lyme disease – which can cause panic attacks, paranoia, personality changes and mood swings in people – could be connected. Travis was taking medication for the disease, Conklin said.

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