Sound of a chipmunk: Weird chipmunk noise

by | Aug 12, 2011

Sound of a chipmunk: Weird chipmunk noise

by August 12, 20110 comments

The chipmunk noise in this video was recorded on our front doorstep a couple of years ago, but we have the same situation in the backyard today. After weeks of air conditioned cabin fever during the Heat Wave of 2011, the windows are finally open here at the home offices, and this is what we get to enjoy.

Every now and then, a chipmunk will take a position and make a weird chipmunk noise like this all day long. As in morning to night.

Some days, the sound of a chipmunk is like tiny barking. Other days, it’s more of a honking. Today the clucking noise resembles the sound of a wood block. It’s the sort of drip, drip, drip that makes you beg for mercy.

I’m tempted to ask the chipmunk, “What’s the matter, fella? Girlfriend dump you? Hard drive crash? Hairball?”

I would be willing to give it a dollar to go away.

Does anyone know why they do this?

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