Well, this is right in my wheelhouse! I watch a lot of chef shows and cooking TV, and I love strange Internet finds. There is a YouTube playlist out there intended to hold my food and cooking favorites, but there are only two videos on it so far. I never imagined there could be an entire Web community built around these.

Im Cooked is the name of the site. As I write, it includes 671 culinary videos, including the one above from the incomparable Christopher Walken.

How odd, the way he just sticks the “livers” and the neck in the bottom of the foil pan. How unusual to slice the bottoms off the pears, then “sit” them on those upturned “caps” so they don’t stick — making them more precarious than they were to begin with! How freaky the chicken looks posed that way, and how wan it still seems later on, despite a full hour of roasting at 400°F. How insane it is that his kitchen is so absolutely normal and suburban, like my late grandma’s.

Okay, I’m in. As you can see, I’m a big Internet community joiner, although not much of a participant. I have just created a vanilla Im Cooked profile in order to collect favorites, beginning with this video morsel.

They’re like little cookies. I save them.