It actually started happening a couple of weeks ago when I read the Will Hermes review in Rolling Stone. More familiar with David Byrne than with Brian Eno, I have always gotten an oddly warm feeling from certain Talking Heads songs, and especially the songs on Little Creatures. That album had a certain kind of innocent optimism which I could use right about now (and I’m not the only one), so I was happy to read about this new “radiantly tuneful set” of “folk electronic gospel” and “how music heals.” Hallelujah.

But I launched iTunes, searched, and lo, it was nowhere to be found. Just what I needed — another obstacle of the stupid music industry on which to stub my psychic toe.

I persevered, however, and eventually Googled up an explanation: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is available exclusively from There you can listen to the whole album.

So I started listening, and Twittered that fact into the void, in case anyone cares about such things. Apparently someone does, because very shortly thereafter, ByrneEno started following me on Twitter. I had the eerie feeling that David Byrne and Brian Eno were possibly standing right outside my home, along with the “neighbors fighting” and “cameras watching” as I listened to their very nice and only minimally disconcerting songs. Naturally, I reciprocated, which produced a direct message from ByrneEno: “Thanks for following me Mark Czerniec!”

Next, I spotted a message from a fellow local blogger on Twitter asking which song to choose as a free download. Coincidence?

Sure, it was always exciting to flip through the LPs at the old record stores back before the turn of the century, but I can’t say that I ever sensed Johnny Cash or my neighbors tapping me on the shoulder while I browsed.


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