So I’m sitting here eating my lunch in front of MSNBC when I hear the familiar voice of Andrea Martin during a pharmaceutical commercial depicting a class reunion.

This is slightly troubling in itself, because Andrea Martin is one of the most talented and funny women in TV history. She should have her own comedy show, not voice work in an ad for some bladder control drug. (For those too young to remember, Ms. Martin was one of the stars of SCTV, the funniest television show ever. I have one friend who, to this day, busts up at the mere mention of “Mrs. Falbo.”)

Most disturbing, though, is what I’m seeing on the screen as I sip my Diet Mountain Dew. It’s a class reunion, and all of the attendees are dancing pseudo-bladders. They are balloons filled with a thankfully unspecified liquid, bouncing and sloshing confidently around under the mirror ball.

I would really love to have seen how the ad agency presented this idea in meetings.

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