The video clip above, regarding Eric Holder’s record on guns, from last night’s installment of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, is a fantastic thumbnail of this midterm election. Rachel Maddow took her show to Anchorage, Alaska. The demonstrators shown here are supporters of Joe Miller, the Sarah Palin/Tea Party-backed Republican candidate who upset Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the August 24th primary.

These folks want Maddow to know they are angry with Lisa Murkowski. Why? Because Murkowski voted to confirm Eric Holder for Attorney General of the United States.

And what’s wrong with Eric Holder? Well, according to them, he is the “most anti-gun attorney general this country has ever had.”

But, when Maddow asks for examples of what Eric Holder has done against guns, they can’t come up with a single thing.

One guy thinks Holder has an anti-gun “voting record,” but Maddow points out that Holder was not an elected official. “Just look at his press releases,” the guy suggests. “Just type into Google ‘Eric Holder and Second Amendment’ or ‘Eric Holder and firearms.”

Finally, another woman steps forward. She is upset with Holder over voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers.

After the clip, Maddow remarks, “This is the world that Fox News has created.”

Yep — in this very short clip, you can see exactly how our political system is being made to work for years to come.

Update, June 20, 2012

Tonight, after Rep. Darrell Issa and the Republicans on his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, Rachel Maddow devoted her show’s first segment to the sheer lunacy of the conspiracy theory behind the “Operation Fast and Furious” investigation.

It’s one thing for random citizens to be outraged over nonsense they’re too ignorant to even articulate — but when elected officials are spending their time and our money on this sort of snipe hunt, you start to wonder whether the whole nation has fallen down a rabbit hole.