The French Open (or do you say Roland Garros?) begins today on ESPN2 and the Tennis Channel, channels 29 and 113 respectively on Time Warner Cable in southeastern Wisconsin. also offers live matches online (free registration required) and a handy TV broadcast schedule spanning all three networks (NBC coverage begins May 30).

As usual, the big contest is once again Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal, and the question is whether Nadal still has the upper hand after getting beat by Federer in Madrid last week.

I guess I’d like to see Federer win, but mostly I just enjoy the the whole atmosphere. The sound of tennis is a great background for working. I like to leave it on, picking up bits of news from Mary Carillo, Bud Collins and the rest, and occasionally getting drawn in as an outstanding match begins to unfold. Pablo Picasso once said, “If you want to see a great bullfight, you have to go to all the bullfights.” The same holds true for tennis on television.

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