Phil Rosenthal writes in his Tower Ticker blog today that Garry Meier will fill in for Cisco Cotto from 5 to 9 a.m. on WIND’s Big John & Cisco in the Morning show Wednesday. I’m usually up early so I was almost tempted to listen — until I saw that “Rick Santelli for Senate” button and Ann Coulter ad on their page. Stinky.

In other news, Brendan Greeley posted a link on his Facebook wall today for

It looks like Edzilla is still working on the site — which still features the “lorem ipsum” placeholder text — but if you subscribe via iTunes, you’ll find that Brendan and podcast partner Pete Zimmerman already have 14 one-hour installments of The Brendan & Pete Show in the can.

I had no idea! I have only listened to eight minutes of the January 29 show so far, but I’m already glued to my computer.

Finally, Steve Dahl’s Blog is now a real Movable Type affair, with the capability for readers to post comments and everything.

Ed Silha has been very busy. I know this because if you look at the little “AddThis” bar on Steve’s blog, you’ll see that it looks exactly like mine..

Back at the beginning of February, Ed emailed me looking for help on how to code an AddThis bar in a Movable Type template, “for a couple I’m working on.”

What the heck. I graciously sent him my handwritten hunk of code, but explained that I had designed my own custom graphic for my site. Unsatisfied with the standard buttons, I had painstakingly collected the little icons from the various sites, and assembled them in a row in Photoshop next to the lettering in the same blue I use for all links. It was a good hour and a half of work. Whew.

A couple of minutes later, Ed’s reply appeared in my inbox: “Fair warning… I’m going to totally rip off your graphic…”

So I guess we can look for my little bar from now on whatever sites he’s designing.

Oh, well. Seatbelts.

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