Video: Hair loss, chemo treatment 2

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It’s happening, my hair loss has begun. So it’s a good thing I have the appointment for my head shaving on Thursday. I have been wearing a cap when I sleep as well as when I am sitting around the house. I find it helps to make my scalp feel a little better and it will maybe hold on to any hair that falls out so I don’t have as much hair piling up all around me.

I feel good so far after my second chemo treatment and my doctor said that because of the way that I reacted to the first treatment, that I can pretty much expect the rest of the treatments to go the same way. That was good to hear, but we will wait and see how it goes. Also, he feels that the tumor has shrunk and the lymph node feels smaller and softer.  Yahoo!  So the chemo seems like it is doing its thing. His face was so cute when he told me that things look good, and he patted me on the back like, “Good job!”

 Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna
Tonight’s dinner was very good and comforting. I came across this recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna in the Parade insert in this weekend’s paper. I don’t always look at Parade, but when I saw cutie pie Sanjay Gupta on the cover, I took a look inside. I learned a little bit about Sanjay and found a great new dinner for tonight.
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