Halloween costumes: Frankenstein mask, Bride of Frankenstein wig

Happy Halloween to you and yours from Frankenstein’s monster and the lovely Bride of Frankenstein! Our Halloween costumes feature the classic Universal Studios Boris Karloff Frankenstein Mask, plus the Monster’s Bride Wig, scars and makeup.

In assembling the Bride of Frankenstein costume, we referred to the 1935 Bride of Frankenstein movie, with Elsa Lanchester in a brief role as the monster’s bride. You can watch her big scene above. It shows the bride’s streaked and frizzed hair, makeup, neck scars, bandaged arms, and sheet-dress — along with the monster’s famous line, “She hate me! Like others.”

Our bride’s dress was cut from ordinary muslin and glued down the sides with Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive — which was also used to glue old bedsheet “bandaging” strips around the long sleeves of the white T-shirt under her dress. The monster’s black undersized jacket and trousers were found at Goodwill.

The Bride of Frankenstein was parodied in the hilarious 1974 Mel Brooks movie Young Frankenstein, with the late Madeline Kahn as Elizabeth, happily married to the monster (the late Peter Boyle) at the movie’s end.