I first heard of Chicago Tribune reporter Kevin Pang when I worked with Steve Dahl, and the two of them were involved in fish taco-palooza back in September 2007.

Late last year, I started following Pang on Twitter (@kevinthepang), and it is through his tweets that I was exposed to his CLTV program The Cheeseburger Show. Like it says, that’s Episode 1 embedded above.

We don’t get CLTV here in Wisconsin, so we just imagine that it’s wall-to-wall reruns of the WGN News. All we know is what we can Google, and according to a thread at LTHForum.com, The Cheeseburger Show seems to be somewhat of a mystery even to CLTV’s own listings.

Happily, as of this writing, three episodes can be viewed via The Cheeseburger Show‘s Vimeo channel — along with outtakes like the hilarious, vulgar, uncensored footage of Pang innocently antagonizing a server at The Weiner’s Circle, the legendary joint serving up cheddar fries and verbal abuse to Chicago’s bar rush crowd. I could watch him reference The Power of Now all day long.

You can also follow The Cheeseburger Show on Twitter: @burgeryeti.

Searching the Web to learn more about this enigmatic and mischievous new star, I found pages on Kevin Pang at the state of Washington’s Kent School District, and also a brief interview by Andrew Zimmern, the acclaimed food writer and chef known to TV viewers for his eating of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel.

Oh, and I also found this video, from when the Chicago Tribune sent Pang to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. That’s where he and Los Angeles Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke sampled a few animal penises at Guolizhuang, a restaurant which serves nothing but animal penises (or penes, if you prefer).

As the clip unfolds, it turns out that the correct plural form of the word is a relatively minor quandary.