Above is an outrageous Second City Network video from the site of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on Washington D.C.’s National Mall this past weekend.

Andy Cobb of The Partisans asks attendees, “Is Obama a Keynesian?”

You have to love the woman who passionately believes that most Americans are not stupid.

Wisconsin’s new senator-elect Ron Johnson knows this too. He highlighted the wisdom of the ordinary, unsophisticated Wisconsinites who elected him during his acceptance speech last night:

“So tonight we can celebrate, but tomorrow we start the hard work. Our nation has dug itself a very deep hole. You know, an’ — we’re just simple Wisconsin folks here. We know what needs to be done in trying to get out of a deep hole.”

“You first have to start digging.”

Let’s get back at it, America!