Buildings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, - including the former One Sweet Dream record store

One Sweet Dream, Don Gill’s, Kenosha

by | July 17, 1999 — 8:47 pm

Kenosha, Wisconsin — A series of buildings in the 5000 block of 7th Avenue, seen at dusk.

The white building here is Grand Central Records and Tapes, but when I was a teen in the 1970s, the brown building to its right was a record store and head shop called One Sweet Dream (after a phrase in the Beatles song “You Never Give Me Your Money”). The place was a secret little world. It smelled of incense, and the rolling papers were strawberry-flavored. You could buy LPs imported from England on thick, high-quality vinyl — such as the first Bad Company album.

Update, September 8, 2015: Since October 2013, the former Grand Central building has housed Fusion, a nonprofit performing arts venue.

The tan building with the green trim to the right of that was a busy bicycle shop called Don Gill’s. Bikes (Schwinns, Raleighs) rolled in and out, wheels were pumped and spun, gears adjusted, brakes tested all day, every day.

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  1. Mark Sockness

    Remember it well. Loved One Sweet Dream. Don Gill and his daughter, Avis?, were very nice to work with at the bike shop. Thanks for the picture


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