Here’s just a very brief sample of Pet Lions‘ set at Summerfest. The video was recorded on our Flip Ultra HD, and clearly I’m not the Martin Scorsese of iMovie yet.

Last year, Summerfest was kind enough to present us with an outstanding full day of music on the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse stage.

This time around, Pet Lions was pretty much the only band we wanted to see. They were performing Thursday afternoon as part of the U.S. Cellular Emerging Artists Series, so we drove up our secret Bay View route, enjoyed their set, and got back home in plenty of time to make dinner.

Pet Lions drummer Matt Dahl is a friend. He spotted us arriving and waved from backstage. The band was introduced punctually at 3:00, and played about 45 minutes of mostly driving, uptempo rock with some good, popular hooks (I have had “Girls of Athens” in my head all weekend). Their musicianship is tight and their stage presence confident — especially considering that this was their first festival experience. They attracted a growing audience as their set progressed.

Pet Lions’ EP release Soft Right is available via download at and iTunes. Their website is at, and you can see them at Schubas on August 26.

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