God bless Jon Stewart and the Daily Show researchers and editors for putting CNBC’s accuracy record under the microscope following Rick Santelli‘s anti-bailout rant on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange..

I am so sick of seeing blowhards like Rick Santelli rerun on the cable news networks over and over and over without any analysis or scrutiny or context. As for the blogosphere, it’s all abuzz over conspiracy theories without stopping to figure out how his bailout rant or the concept of a “Chicago Tea Party” make any sense to begin with.

It’s not that I oppose angry yelling guys per se — I would just like them to have a point and some sense of reason. For example, I have always enjoyed Lewis Black and would love to see him on TV all day every day.

I still get a kick out of Black’s discussion with Anderson Cooper at the CNN/TIME Politics ’08 conference last October 14. That was yelling with real gumption, as opposed to Santelli’s cheap, professional wrestling-style imitation. (I have only embedded a short clip above, but the whole conversation is available via Anderson Cooper 360 Review.)

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