This was the view outside my window at about 9:20 this morning. I think I’m going to send it to Charles Osgood and ask him to use it as the last minute of this week’s CBS Sunday Morning.

The snow has since stopped, so now we’re going out to shovel.

Update, 1:50 p.m. Here are our first few steps out the back door:

Like Amy‘s Royal Mail coat? Sure, all the trendy Dutch were wearing them last year, but Amy got hers the year before that at American Science & Surplus.

Here’s the snow in front of our house:

Snow shoveling in Racine, Wisconsin: Amy clears the sidewalk

This is our neighbor Kim with her curvy new ride:

Kim and her car in Racine, Wisconsin on December 19, 2008

And here we are (courtesy of our neighbor Jamie), finished for now, after about two hours of shoveling:

American Gothic with snow shovels: Amy and Mark Czerniec, Racine, Wisconsin

I measured 10, 12, and 13 inches since last night in three different spots on our front walk. Our forecast calls for more snow tomorrow, Sunday, and Tuesday.

Plus, there’s also a Wind Chill Advisory which anticipates wind chill values of 20 to 34 degrees below zero from Saturday night through Monday morning.

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