The Colbert Report should be especially good this week, with Stephen Colbert on location in Iraq, a trip whose exact date and destination had been kept secret until Friday, leading many to ask (and search for), “Where and when is Stephen Colbert going to the Persian Gulf?”

Time differences and production schedules being what they are, world news services already have reports of Colbert’s first show in Baghdad. According to the AP, he decided to bring his comedy to the troops when he saw the Iraq War being overshadowed by economic news on TV.

His first guest in Baghdad is Gen. Ray Odierno who, under videotaped orders from President Barack Obama, shaves Colbert’s head. You don’t see the finished pate in the accompanying photo, but you can check out his camouflage suit and read the rest of the story here:

Stephen Colbert in Iraq: Comic declares victory, gets GI buzz haircut; Obama appears by video

There’s another story at

In Iraq, Colbert does his shtick for the troops

The Colbert Report airs at 10:30 p.m. Central Daylight time on Comedy Central, which is Channel 54 on Time Warner Cable here in southeastern Wisconsin.

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