Some very encouraging words have come to my attention via a tweet from MinnPost: T.D. Mischke will be heard again beginning Wednesday, March 4 via a webcast, weekdays from 2 to 4 p.m. Central.’s David Brauer had the news on Saturday, then corrected the start date to the first week of March via Twitter.

As I have detailed previously at shameless length, I have been a Mischke fan for most of this century, and I was physically upset when St. Paul/Minneapolis station AM 1500 KSTP fired him this past December. If you have ever tasted the acid reflux from a Big Mac lunch, you know exactly what I mean.

Just before Christmas, in an email interview with David Hansen of City Pages, Mischke answered some more questions about his firing and addressed the hard realities of the times and his personal situation:

Here the picture is reduced to simple math. Since I got into radio in June of ’92 I’ve gone and got married and had a couple of kids. I’m no longer in the dreamy world of what would I like to do with my life. Bills are rolling in right now and no money is rolling in beside ’em. Add to that the dreary economic picture and I’m in a position where writing short notes to bank tellers has to be considered an option.

Happily, however, R.F. Moeller Jeweler, one heck of a loyal hero sponsor, stuck with Mischke and employed his talents in YouTube videos.

Then came Kevin Hoffman’s five questions on February 19, in which Mischke described how his new webcast will originate from “The Back Room” in his home,weekday afternoons fron 2 to 4 p.m. Central time, beginning Wednesday, March 4:

I feel like I’m 25 again, like I’m reborn. Creatively I needed a change. I have renewed energy artistically. This next part of my life is looking like it’s going to be a whole hell of a lot of fun.

And now we have Mischke’s own March 3 piece at City Pages, looking foward to streaming:

We’re all in the swim, in the river. Some are drowning, some are trying to walk on water. I’m curious about us all–those fighting the wake of the passing barge, those diving below the surface exploring the depths, those playing water polo while others cling to life rafts.

Heh. James Fallows calls this good news, and I sure as heck plan to be listening. Look! There’s a URL now and everything:

While you’re waiting, you might want to download Mischke’s new album of music — The Kind of Day — from

If you don’t know anything about Mischke, read David Hansen’s outstanding profile of him from November 4 and the famous James Fallows story from the September 2000 issue of The Atlantic Monthly.