An index of blog posts tagged ‘Chicago’ here at


An index of blog posts tagged ‘Chicago’ here at

John Hancock Center, downtown Chicago

Chicago, Illinois — Looking up the 100-story, 1,127-foot John Hancock Center at 875 North Michigan Avenue from ground level. The John Hancock Center was designed by architect Bruce Graham, and completed in 1970. Official Websites: John Hancock Center John Hancock...

Chicago Water Tower

Chicago, Illinois — The Chicago Water Tower on Michigan Avenue, the only public building in the burned zone of the Great Chicago Fire to survive that catastrophe.

Cows on Parade, Chicago: Hanukow at Water Tower

Chicago, Illinois — "Hanukow," a Department of Cultural Affairs entry in the 1999 "Chicago's Cows on Parade" art exhibit — the first U.S. iteration of the CowParade concept, which has since been imitated by tourism bureaus in nearly every city in the world using...

The Wrigley Building, Chicago

Chicago, Illinois — The Wrigley Building, seen from Michigan Avenue and showing the 14th floor walkway that connects the south tower (at left) with the north tower.

London Guarantee Building (Stone Container Building)

Chicago, Illinois — What I have always called the Stone Container Building (also known as the London Guarantee Building), seen from the Michigan Avenue Bridge. The fourth and fifth floors of the building were the home of WLS radio in its heyday, and in the wee hours...

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