Terry Armour and Steve Dahl on The Steve Dahl Show, Maui, 3/12/2004

First of all, yesterday at the Chicago Tribune site, there was a very touching letter from LaNell Essary Armour, Terry Armour‘s widow, as we approach the one-year anniversary of Terry’s passing.

All of us from the The Steve Dahl Show attended the birthday memorial for Terry at U.S. Cellular Field on September 22, Terry’s birthday, and it was one of the most moving events I have ever witnessed. Speaker after speaker, concluding with LaNell herself, drove home how Terry’s humor and joy in living touched people around the world — from movie stars like Russell Crowe to the Cubs fan Terry got arrested with after a little dust-up at Sox Park.

September 22 was a gorgeous afternoon on the South Side. The field was so beautiful, the scoreboard was all decked out in tribute to Terry, and I just thought I wanted to capture that image. I sneaked a few photos of the park, the signs, maybe about 15 or 20 of them eventually — stunning photographs — before I noticed the little “No memory card” message at the top of the camera’s display. Yes, I had left the card at home in Wisconsin, in the card reader. No pictures were being recorded.

That’s when I felt Terry’s presence, and remembered his laugh, and the last time I saw him. It was at a Steve Dahl / Nadas concert at the House of Blues, and Terry was incredulous over my then-long hair. “Give it up, Czerniec,” he said. He was right, of course, and I soon did.

Today, Phil Rosenthal catches up with Steve Dahl, who has been in Florida, following Rod Blagojevich and Drew Peterson from a distance since his show was cancelled December 5:

“I know, it’s killing me,” Steve Dahl said Thursday from Florida. “Yesterday, Blagojevich, in his jogging suit–he looked like a girl going out to do Pilates.”

Steve is still writing for the Tribune, and his piece yesterday was a list of his top ten Hawaiian songs.

I also noticed yesterday that Steve had put a new profile photo on his Twitter account.

I think even Terry would agree he looks pretty good.

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