We heard a story on NPR’s Weekend Edition yesterday from Dallas Morning News technology reporter Victor Godinez. He was touting Vimeo, a video-sharing Web site which, unlike the others, offers high-definition. According to Wikipedia, Vimeo has been around since November 2004, but has only supported HD video since mid-October.

The Vimeo HD Channel showcases about 140 HD video clips, some of which are sort of breathtaking, especially when viewed in full-screen mode. Besides looking much sharper than the typical YouTube video, the content seems a lot more artsy.

Now, after watching a number of these, I have the sudden urge to rack up one or three or four thousand more dollars of credit card debt buying myself a nifty HD camcorder. Then I could go outside and shoot an awesome time-lapse video of our snow melting in the 64-degree January afternoon. Maybe the soundtrack could just be the natural outdoor ambiance and some wind chimes.

Amy, if you’re reading this, relax — I’m just kidding.

Pretty much.

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