1889 sulky racing horse barn, vineyards of Piper Farms, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

Ernst Klinkert Barn, Piper Farms vineyards in Racine County

by | October 24, 2010 — 9:49 am

Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin — The Ernst Klinkert Barn is seen from a distance, beyond the vineyards of Piper Farms, LLC, 4615 Lathrop Ave. in Racine County.

The Bluegrass style barn was built in 1889 by Racine brewery owner Ernst C. Klinkert for his sulky racing horses, then sold to Wallace Piper and his son Howard in 1928 after prohibition ruined Klinert’s business. The Pipers were successful potato and onion farmers, and the land surrounding the barn is still owned and farmed by William Piper. Piper Farms offers organically grown produce at its roadside stand from May through October, and also at the Racine Farmers’ Markets on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

The current owners of the barn, Jan and Linda Roland, acquired it and Klinkert’s adjacent farmhouse in 2001, and have restored both to outstanding condition.

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