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Enterprise mobility blog for InTu Mobility

Fort Collins, Colorado

InTu Mobility, an enterprise mobility consulting firm specializing in things like field mobility and Proof of Delivery — especially in the food and beverage industries — already had much of their website built when we first spoke. But then their web developer moved on, so I helped them get the website launched. Since then, their enterprise mobility blog is one of the ways they’re reaching out to companies, and I have been handling its copy editing and layout, as well as optimizing the posts for social sharing and setting up MailChimp email subscriptions.

A system has evolved. When InTu Mobility founder Tony Horling has his thoughts on a particular subject collected, he phones me and verbalizes them. I ask some follow-up questions, and record the whole conversation. Next, I transcribe Tony’s words, do some copy editing as needed, and build the new post in WordPress using whatever images he’s chosen.

Tony has a wealth of knowledge to share, and a great talent for using metaphors to illustrate specific business situations. For example, his post “Enterprise mobility: Get off the island of fear” — about companies which have experienced an initial failure with their mobility solution — offers helpful wisdom to the disillusioned.

InTu Mobility also leverages these blog posts on social media, promoting them, for example, on Twitter, to draw traffic and extend the blog’s reach.

This is content marketing in a nutshell — sharing answers and advice about the challenges your customers may be facing by using social media tools like a blog and Twitter. Among its advantages over traditional advertising is the fact that your content can continue working. Over time, you can build some valuable equity which collects into a kind of gravitational mass, pulling customers irresistibly into your website from many different angles.

Meanwhile, a radio or TV spot is gone in 30 seconds, and a newspaper or magazine ad gets tossed in the trash within days.