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Food Allergy Mama

Website example: Food Allergy Mama 1.0Originally based in Chicagoland, food allergy fighter and cookbook author Kelly Rudnicki wanted to build an online community to increase awareness of this health issue, market her books, and curate resources related to her print, radio, TV, and online publicity activities.

Working with Kelly, her husband Mike, and her graphic designer, we built her website’s Food Allergy Mama theme in WordPress, including a PayPal payment system, a MailChimp email subscription list, and an ever-growing list of press mentions and appearances. Before too long, Kelly had thousands of email subscribers and Twitter followers, and was mixing her allergen-friendly Christmas cookies on Martha Stewart’s TV show.

Eventually, with a new home in California and a new cookbook about to be published, Kelly wanted a new design for her blog that would echo the book’s fonts and colors, so we redesigned the website to her specifications.

Author website, blog community: Food Allergy Mama

Among the lessons learned from Kelly’s website is the power of building a strong community under your own domain, rather than relying only on social networks like Facebook. Every time Kelly writes a new blog post, the thousands of subscribers to her website each receive an email alert, and the healthy traffic her site enjoys spikes manyfold.

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