Ganz Allergy & Asthma Center website

Website design

Ganz Allergy & Asthma Center

Racine & Kenosha, Wisconsin

When Ganz Allergy & Asthma Center contacted me, they had an existing website built by another company. It was just sort of sitting there on the web, and they wanted it to be a more functional part of their online presence.

Before that could happen, they first had to get ownership of their domain name. Their website company had registered the domain under their own name — not the allergy center’s. Working together, we got the domain properly registered and switched over to a new web hosting account. There, I recreated their existing website as a starting point — but I built it in a responsive WordPress theme, which instantly gave Ganz Allergy & Asthma Center a much better presentation on smartphones and tablets.

The new website also uses site-wide SSL for added security, trust, and SEO performance. It incorporates social sharing bars it did not have before. Dr. Michael Ganz and his staff can now use Google Analytics to measure their website’s performance and their social media success by keyword, by geographic area, or by any of the countless other statistics that Google tracks.

Most importantly,  Dr. Ganz’s staff can add or edit their web pages whenever they want to. In fact, during our tutorial session at their offices, Hannah switched the address and Google map to their new Kenosha location — and also added a brand new page, all by herself.