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Gregory Berg: The Messy Professor

Racine & Kenosha, Wisconsin

Gregory Berg is a seemingly inexhaustible source of cultural energy in Racine and Kenosha. An Assistant Professor of Music at Carthage College and private voice teacher, Greg is also Fine Arts Director at  WGTD FM 91.1, where he is heard interviewing authors and other personalities on The Morning Show. He’s Minister of Music at Racine’s Holy Communion Lutheran Church, as well as Music Director for most of the musicals at the Racine Theater Guild. He’s a published composer, a performer who both sings and emcees, and much more.

Somehow, for almost a decade now, Greg has also found time to blog about all of these activities — as well as his daily life with his wife Kathy, their pet Golden Retrievers, his students and mentors, his diet goals, and whatever else crosses his keen perception — on his website, The Messy Professor. To date, he has blogged nearly a million and a half words, accompanied by countless photos and audio files.

Gregory Berg: The Messy Professor blog
Greg’s blogging activity came to a temporary halt in May 2015 when his original blogging platform, Apple’s iWeb, stopped working for him (Apple discontinued it in 2011). I had previously suggested moving his blog to WordPress, and so he took me up on this. After writing some custom code for the purpose, I was able to export all of Greg’s 1,337 blog posts at that point and import them into WordPress. We searched together for a responsive and customizable WordPress theme, Greg chose from a selection of custom logos I designed for him, and we made his website public.


After a few tutorial sessions explaining the basics of WordPress, Greg took over and has been maintaining his blog, with photos and audio files, ever since. I was proud and pleased when one of his interview guests, doing some pre-show research on him, used his contact form to say, “I love your website! Clear, organized, fun and informative! Not ‘messy’ at all. It makes me want to redesign my own.”