Midwest College of Oriental Medicine

Mini-website development

Midwest College of Oriental Medicine

When the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine wanted to augment its web presence with a couple of mini-websites at supplementary domains, we assembled the sites for them quickly and economically.

Add an Acupuncturist to your Staff
Careers in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

The two minisites — AddAnAcupuncturist.com and AcupunctureProspectus.com — both already existed as printed brochures.

Rather than take the typical approach of putting the brochures up as PDF files, we converted them word-for-word and image-for-image into responsive web pages so they’d be more accessible, both to search engines and to human readers using desktop browsers, tablets, or smartphones — without having to use a PDF reader.

Additionally, the Add an Acupuncturist site includes a ZIP-code based directory of acupuncturists that provides contact information and maps to the acupuncture practices of the school’s alumni.

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