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Diesel aftertreatment pages for InTu Mobility

Fort Collins, Colorado

InTu Mobility, a Colorado-based enterprise mobility consulting firm specializing in things like field mobility and Proof of Delivery — especially in the food and beverage industries — has begun offering a diesel aftertreatment solution for trucks and truck fleets that eliminates the most common problems with modern diesel exhaust equipment, to keep trucks rolling and save large sums of money in repair costs and fuel mileage.

To attract leads for this amazing service, InTu Mobility founder Tony Horling wanted three new web pages: one focusing on the problem incapacitating these trucks, a second presenting the solution, and a third offering data to show its effectiveness.

diesel engine optimization
Here are the web pages I built:

Each page is the result of extensive keyword research to find the actual words and phrases used in search engines by trucking industry people experiencing these problems. Those keywords have then been used strategically throughout the web pages to provide the solid SEO (search engine optimization) which will help them perform better in search engines over time.

These web pages are all mobile-responsive — and also optimized for social media, so InTu Mobility can easily post them to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook with the correct image sizes and descriptions for each service — and of course, each page also incorporates social sharing buttons, allowing visitors to easily share the information themselves, and collecting analytics data when they do.

diesel aftertreatment results
Two of the three web pages also incorporate a contact form allowing visitors to sign up for a free consultation. These new leads are saved in the website’s database, generate email alerts, and the contact information is simultaneously added to InTu Mobility’s CRM (customer relationship management) system.

A press release, distributed by newswire, was used to drive some initial traffic, with social media posts and SEO gradually building pageviews after that.

After a relatively small investment of time and money, InTu Mobility has some solid digital marketing collateral to explain, showcase, and sell their impressive new offering.