Website design

Westosha Central High School STEM Aviation Program

Salem, Wisconsin

I got an email one day in early 2017 asking me to design a website for a unique after-school program at a high school in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. The students in it build and eventually even fly a small aircraft. In the process, they gain hands-on experience in the subject areas known as “STEM” — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Amazingly, this endeavor is funded entirely by donations.

James Senft is the director of the Westosha Central High School STEM Aviation Program, and he wanted a website to showcase its mission and the kids’ accomplishments, as well as thank its donors and attract new ones. There was also a need to to show off the project’s first finished plane — Falcon One — which is up for sale as the students complete Falcon Two.

web design: Falcon Aviation
Working entirely by email and phone, I helped Jim get set up with a web hosting account, then installed WordPress, configured a theme and plugins, and started putting the website together. Even before much of anything was in place, Jim was nearly giggling at how easy it was to add chunks of content, then edit and move them around. He sent me a couple batches of photos, a video clip, and some paragraphs of text. I assembled them to tell the “Falcon Aviation” story, designed a logo in keeping with some of their existing signage, and used the school’s main color as a base, in order to maintain those visual connections.

A simple PayPal integration was included to handle online donations, as well as another with MailChimp to handle email lists signups. The website is, of course, mobile responsive and social sharing optimized, making it easy for visitors to help spread the word.

As you can see, a website is a powerful tool for explaining your cause to the public — and getting them to join you.

Aviation website: PayPal donations - Westosha Central High School - Salem, Wisconsin