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Bad website

A bad website is not mobile responsive, alienating 91% of visitors right off the bat.

A nightmare to update, it gathers cobwebs and loses more visitors.

It’s like a lonely grave marker, a memory of what used to be.

Great website

A great website works 24/7 on every device as your receptionist, salesperson, newswire, TV station, research service, and more.

It’s like your Employee of the Year.

Your business's online heart

Your website ought to pulse with activity, news, sales, and fresh images. Making changes should be quick, easy, and fun. All the rest of your business’s online presence — Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, YouTube, Instagram — should be connected as vital organs to a dynamic website working like a beating heart to circulate your message out to the farthest reaches, and bring back fresh customers with the oxygen they supply.

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web design services cost: $8.22 per day

Your best marketing value

The cost of a website depends on how many working hours are required to build it. But let's say a high-quality website for a restaurant takes 40 work hours, costing $3,000. Spread over one year, that's just $8.22 per day. Two years? Just $4.11 per day.

What does a newspaper ad cost for one day? Imagine that your website averages a mere 50 visitors a day — many of them specifically searching for a restaurant in your area. What's your profit if just one couple comes in for a meal? What if they enjoy it so much that they share your website with their friends from their phone at the table?

What's included? (Click to find out.)

Of course, each website is unique — but a typical website requires about 40 work hours spent on tasks like the following:

  • Set up hosting account
  • Configure email addresses
  • Install & configure WordPress
  • Install & register WordPress theme
  • Create WordPress custom child theme
  • Install/register/configure WordPress plugins
  • Install/register/configure website security systems
  • Set up & configure Google Analytics
  • Create Google Analytics filters
  • Conduct fundamental SEO research
  • Build SEO guidance spreadsheet
  • Plan & create initial page set
  • Design initial navigation menus
  • Optimize & install website logo (SVG if possible)
  • Design website color palette using color psychology & color wheel
  • Select website fonts
  • Customize website typography parameters
  • Configure social media sharing
  • Design each individual page for desktop, tablet, & smartphone
  • Edit & organize SEO-friendly headlines & copy
  • Choose (and perhaps purchase) each image
  • Optimize (correct levels/crop/resize/sharpen/rename) each image
  • Upload & install each image
  • Write SEO-friendly alt text for each image
  • Embed any videos
  • Title page for proper SEO
  • Write SEO-friendly meta description
  • Optimize page's featured image(s) for social media sharing
  • Design & configure contact form(s)
  • Set up & configure email list subscription
  • Install & configure Google Map(s)
  • Design website footer
  • Write/install/test/debug website schema markup
  • Register website & submit XML sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Register website & submit XML sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools
  • In-person tutorial: Teach website owner how to administer the site, add or edit pages

"One of the best features of being Mark's client is that he is always there to help even after his work is done. I can email him with a wide range of questions and he answers quickly and thoroughly. It's been a good experience."

Martin Eigenberger

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At your service

Your new website is mobile responsive, so it displays properly on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It is optimized for social sharing, and with fundamental local SEO for search engines. It is built in WordPress, making it very easy for you to edit, add, or remove pages.

Suppose you need a landing page (like this one) for people who click an advertisement. Or maybe you want a shareable detail page for a special event. Perhaps you need to add a bio page for a new staff member, or news releases, or testimonials. It's all pretty easy — and if you need help, I have been here for my clients for 20 years.

August 2017

Up and running in 3 weeks

We discuss what you need. I write a proposal. You accept and pay half up front. I gather raw materials from you and build your new website. You preview it. Final revisions are made, and the website goes public. We meet for a couple hours of tutorial time so you can learn the basics of running the site. I bill you for the second half. This whole process takes an average of three weeks.

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Being a freelancer means I have lower overhead and a lower hourly rate than many web design agencies in the area. It also means I take on a limited number of new projects per month.

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