For anyone whose childhood included countless hours of Ray Rayner and His Friends, Bozo’s Circus, and Frazier Thomas hosting Garfield Goose and Friends and Family Classics, The Museum of Classic Chicago Television (online at www.FuzzyMemories.TV) has been a gift and a treasure, preserving fragments of our past that might otherwise be lost forever.

Now, however, it appears that Tribune Company superstation WGN-TV has flexed its muscle and forced the little nonprofit to pull all WGN-TV material from the museum website.

The reported reason? WGN’s “exclusive agreement” with Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications.

This is just plain stingy and stinky. No museum should be given an exclusive right to preserve an aspect of our collective past — especially when the material is as freely sharable as video in 2009.

It’s beyond disappointing that a station so involved in our lives when our basic values were being formed has since grown so proprietary and ungenerous.

The Museum of Classic Chicago Television suggests a polite and respectful appeal to:

Ms. Marty Wilke
General Manager, WGN-TV
2501 West Bradley Place
Chicago, IL 60618-4718

(773) 528-2311

If I could, I would add a nip from Chelveston the Duck.

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