Hysan Hua Tuo Medicated Plasters with hologram wrapper

The other day, while making her rounds on business, Amy stopped in at the office of an acupuncturist. Upon leaving, she was gifted with a box of Hysan Hua Tuo Medicated Plasters, which is pictured above.

Amy had mentioned her aching feet during the course of her conversation, and the package — which has an expiration date of “08-2010” — contains five mentholated plasters to be used as analgesics.

The cardboard box’s plastic coating is interesting, because it includes various holographic logos and trademarks which can be seen as the box is tilted in the light.

Perhaps this is what is being referred to on the box’s side flap:

Y2K fake protection packing

“Y2K fake protection packing.” You just feel so much safer knowing that people somewhere are doing their best to ensure– something or other.

After additional contemplation, I have decided that it’s a bad translation. They’re probably trying to tout the package’s 21st century counterfeit prevention technology.