Video: Zoey’s bedtime story gibberish

by | Mar 12, 2015

The date of this video is November 13, 2010. We came across it the other day and decided to put it on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it.

Our great niece Zoey and her older sister Nadine were staying with us for a couple of days. It was 9 p.m. and Nadine was done for the day, but Zoey was still going. She was fighting sleep, and so far she was winning.

I was reading her Nils All Alone, by Danish psychologist Jens Sigsgaard with illustrations by Arne Ungermann, published in 1947. It’s one of my favorite books from childhood, and this is my personal copy — with my own rendering of the book’s cover drawing on its back cover.

I had already read the book to Zoey three times in a row, and each time, she asked me to read it again. Amy found the whole thing so adorable that she grabbed our Filp camcorder and quietly positioned herself over my shoulder to capture it. She had to really struggle to keep from laughing.

Zoey was two years and five months old at the time. Initially a very silent toddler, she was suddenly bursting with conversation — not all of it intelligible, so Amy and I nicknamed her “Pirini Scleroso,” after Andrea Martin‘s hilarious SCTV character.

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  1. janetdahl

    She is so cute- and Mark- you are a master story teller. Zoe knows dialogue is the key to postponing bedtime. I wish I spoke Zoe.


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