Topeak JoeBlow Pro Floor Bike Pump

Now and then there’s something you buy which, every time you use it, gives you a little thrill because it’s well-designed and does exactly what you want it to.

Usually these products are a little more expensive, yet you never regret the purchase because you just love the item. Apple computers would be one example.

For me, the Topeak JoeBlow Pro Floor Bike Pump is another.

I was reminded of this because we have our first day of fake summer today. It’s 81° F. here as I type this.

Earlier this afternoon, I noticed a sad tweet from someone I know who was thinking along the same lines as me:

I thought I was bringing my bicycle out of hibernation but the tires are dead :( and I have no quarters.

I feel her pain..

I grew up in a country where air was free, and a man in a crisply pressed uniform would bring it right to your door. These days, however, when your tires are low, you have to walk your bike like an idiot for miles, with people pointing and laughing the whole way as you search for an air pump machine which (1) works, and (2) accepts a form of payment that you possess. Before you know it, it’s starting to get dark.

So, a couple of years ago, I ordered this JoeBlow Pro bicycle pump, and shortly thereafter a man in a uniform delivered it to my door. Now any time that Amy and I want to go out for a ride, the pump is right there with the bikes and we can get our tires perfectly inflated in a flash.

Topeak JoeBlow Pro Floor Bike Pump

Thanks to “smarthead technology,” the the pump’s head knows whether you have a Presta or Schrader valve, so no part-swapping is necessary. You don’t even have to know what those are. I don’t.

The nozzle slips onto the valve stem easily, clamps there with a yellow handle, and then releases quickly when you’re done. The built-in air pressure gauge is fantastic, because you can dial its marker to whatever pressure you seek, then pump to that pressure quickly on each tire without any further number-reading.

Pumping requires almost no effort. The padded handle is ergonomically-designed. There are rubber foot grips affixed to the sturdy metal base, and the nozzle and hose tuck into nifty little holders on the pump for neat and safe storage. Sports ball and air bladder needles are included in a handy holder right on the hose.

If Stephanie didn’t live an hour and a half away, I could have offered to solve her dilemma. I have, at times, inflated tires for similarly-stranded neighbors, and they invariably remark, “Wow — cool pump!”

Yep. But I don’t think of myself as a hero. I’m just an average guy with a much-better-than-average bike pump.