Lonefeather Trading Post sells Native American items in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood

Lonefeather Trading Post, Bay View, Milwaukee

by | April 18, 2009 — 3:00 pm

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — According to the “Q10” column at the Bay View Compass, you can buy “walking sticks, canes, tomahawks, war clubs, bows and arrows, prayer sticks, turquoise jewelry, medicine wheels, dreamcatchers, wild rice mandalas, ceremonial pipes, chain-sawed yard animals, totem poles, sage, cedar, sweetgrass, ceremonial tobacco, red deer venison sausage … buffalo meat … tanned hides … dance regalia” and more here at Lonefeather Trading Post, 2432 S Kinnickinnic Ave. in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood.Signs on the small building assure you that a merchant is on call at 414-489-7779 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and can be over to meet you here in five minutes.
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