My brother-in-law Wayne, out there in Columbus, Ohio, is something of a music connoisseur.

Wayne enjoys finding little-known talent. A couple of weeks ago, he gifted me with Mescalito, the major label debut from Ryan Bingham, a 25-year-old singer/songwriter out of Texas who sounds like he’s packed a lot of experience into his short life. It’s a very impressive piece of work.

Wayne also really enjoys guitar. Over the weekend, he sent me some links to the kids shown in the video above: Back Door Slam, a blues trio from the Isle of Man, which makes them Manx. Covering Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House” makes them pretty gutsy.

They’re fronted by a young guy named Davy Knowles, a 20-year-old who plays guitar and sings under the clear influence of musicians like Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, and Stevie Ray Vaughan — all of whom are referenced in the video for “Come Home,” from the band’s debut album, Roll Away:

According to a story in The Record of northern New Jersey, Back Door Slam recently played the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan and then opened for Styx in Englewood. Something seems a little upside down there, but it will probably get sorted out before long. Heck, even Bruce Springsteen once went on before Anne Murray.

Here’s another video, this time with Davy Knowles performing both “Come Home” and “Comin’ Up For Air” solo, on acoustic guitar, in the offices of the local Manx newspaper:

Not bad for a whippersnapper, eh? His voice reminds me a little of Paul Rodgers.

Anyway, Wayne shared these with me and I thought I’d pass them along to you.

I shall now return to StormWatch mode, as we await a 45-degree temperature drop and 60 mile-per-hour wind gusts driving rain which will gradually turn to snow. (StormWatch mode consists of me pacing from window to window to see if anything’s happening yet. As of this minute, it seems somewhat foggier.)

I feel like playing the blues myself.