Florence, Italy — View from the cupola atop Florence’s Duomo over rooftops toward the southeast. Running along the foot of the hills in the distance is the River Arno. Just across the river near the photo’s left edge is the Porta San Niccolò, one of the city’s medieval gates built in the 1320s.

The tower just left of center is the Bargello. Just to its right is the bell tower of the Badia Fiorentina. Shaded at the right edge of the photo is the Palazzo Vecchio.

On top of the hills along the distant horizon at right is Arcetri‘s Torre del Gallo, where legend says that Galileo Galilei conducted celestial observations between between 1634 and 1642 — but this is not credible, since Galileo was confined in the nearby Villa Il Gioiello at the time, and nearly blind.