I will be making gumbo for our Super Bowl festivities today. We almost always watch the Super Bowl and usually like to base our menu around a theme. Of course, this year New Orleans plays a big part. That’s all good for us, because New Orleans is one of our favorite cities. We only visited there once back in the early nineties, but that short visit a long time ago made a big impression.

My sister-in-law Maria sent me Mark Bittman’s gumbo recipe the other day.  I decided to make it as part today’s menu. We love gumbo and have made a few different versions in the past. One of our favorites has always been  Alton Brown’s. I want to give this one a try due to the fact that it’s on the lighter side, seeing that there is no sausage in the ingredients.  I’m going to be using shrimp in place of the scallops just because I have them on hand.  I am also making another variation by making my own stock with the shells from the shrimp to impart more flavor. In addition to the gumbo, we will be having baked catfish.

So maybe it’s not truly New Orleans fare but it is our tribute to the Saints.

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