Website traffic statistics graph: Visits by month received 15,465 visits in July, as recorded by Google Analytics — and 16,365 according to Clicky Web Analytics — so we are trending upward, as shown in the above website traffic graph of visits per month for the last year.

Thanks to all of you who check back here regularly, and especially those who share our pages on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Speaking of Facebook, we have recently switched to Facebook commenting for the blog. Here’s hoping you find it convenient. As of this writing, a total of 42 people like our Facebook page, so just 8 more would put us halfway to triple digits there. But don’t do it unless you feel it. We want your affection to be sincere.

Thanks again for your support. We’ll try to bring you even more fine content in the months to come — or at least roughly the same amount.

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