Fresh vegetable platterLately I have been making up a platter of veggies for us to snack on throughout the day. I really  need to make sure that I keep this up.

The past week has been very challenging for me. I happen to have a huge sweet tooth, and this time of year is always very difficult. Candy is one of my bad habits that has been hardest to quit.

First of all, April is the month of my birthday and usually the Easter holiday. For some reason I have such nostalgic memories from my youth that I associate with Easter candy.

Forget about all the fatty things associated with Easter brunch or dinner (ham, cheesy broccoli or potatoes, any of the various egg casseroles) give me a basket with Brach’s speckled malted eggs, some Brach’s spiced jelly beans, Dove chocolate foiled eggs, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, and any Easter cake with butter cream frosting, and I am happy. I truly don’t even get sick from all of that junk. I just see the fat deposit around my middle, and all the hard work that I did in my daily workouts in weeks prior go right down the drain.

Even before the Easter week, I found myself cutting up veggies to have just lying around so Mark and I could turn to them to fill ourselves up.

I was in Kenosha yesterday and stopped at Kenosha Fresh Market on my way home. I really wish we had a wonderful store here in Racine. Years ago we had the fabulous Parkside Produce and Racine Produce, but now both no longer exist.

I came home yesterday with such a beautiful assortment of vegetables that I had to share a photo before Mark and I devoured it. On this platter I have broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, carrots, red pepper, celery and jicama. Some days it may just be carrots and celery.  I don’t even need a dip for my veggies. If I do have one, it may be one of the dressings that I make, or a bean dip that I would whip up. I would just as well eat them naked, seeing how the calories can really add up with any dip that you use.

So as I try to detox myself from the great amount of sugar that I have consumed over the past week, this is what will be taking its place.

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