Jillian Michaels 30 Day ShredFor the past year I have been pretty good about working out daily, and recently pushed it to 6 days a week. I have various DVDs that I use down in the basement. I used to walk 4 to 5 miles outside, but when the weather changes to ice and cold I find it hard to feel secure about my footing. Last year I wiped out a few times, which was not fun. I never feel that I can really get my stride going. You always have a few neighbors who just don’t bother to shovel and it makes for a not-too-enjoyable route having to go back and forth from the sidewalks to the street. So to the basement I go every day.

The first part of January, I had the pleasure of watching our adorable great nieces Nadine (3)  and  Zoey (19 months) for a week. Their parents and grandparents took a trip to Mexico, and auntie Amy was in charge of the little ones. I wasn’t quite sure how this would affect my workout routine.

When I collected my things for the week to head down to Kenosha, I packed my DVDs, workout clothes, and yoga mat, and thought I would do my best. While unpacking my things, my niece Liz saw my DVDs and said she has one as well, and if I would like I could give it a try.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred features 3 complete 20 minute workouts which progress by level intensity. Each level is structured with three 6 minute circuits, featuring 3-2-1 interval system: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs.

So one morning, while the girls were still sleeping, I popped it into the player just to see what it was like. Later that day while Nadine was at preschool and Zoey down for her nap, I gave it a try.

We are not viewers of the The Biggest Loser, on which Jillian is a trainer, but of course I have seen clips of how fantastic the contestants look at the end of the season, and I’m quite impressed. Liz, on the other hand, watches or tapes it every week, so that explains her reason for having the DVD.

I have seen Jillian Michaels a few times in the past, but never watched her at any length so I didn’t know what to expect.

I have to say I was surprised at how intense the first level was. I did it for four days or so and moved up to Level 2 for a day or two. It really got my heart going, and I found myself actually cursing her out during Level 2 the first time.

A lot of the workouts I do are 50 to 60 minutes long, so time-wise, this one kind of flies by being only 20 minutes. Jillian does a pretty good job pushing you to keep it up.  What really keeps me going is looking at the abs on the one woman, I am not sure that mine will ever be there but it sure is a great motivator.

When Liz returned from Mexico I handed her the DVD and thanked her for the use. She said, “Oh no, you can have it. I will never use it. I can’t keep up with it”. She prefers walking, so I traded her my Leslie Sansone’s Walk Slim – 4 Fast Miles, which I had used for the past year or so with great success.

After giving the 30 Day Shred a rest for a week or so, I picked it up last week and popped it in and started all over. I have worked out 5 times to Level 1, and I plan on giving it the whole 30 days to see what the results are. I gave Level 3 a peek after my workout today. I sure hope in a couple of weeks I able to reach Level 3.

I couldn’t believe that towards the end of today’s workout, I felt really strong and actually enjoyed the jumping jacks and jump rope. I felt myself sort of lifting off the ground. So maybe it is improving my endurance. We’ll see.

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