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Web design for Hair & Company, Racine WI

Tanning / hair salon

Web redesign for Racine’s Hair & Company tanning / hair salon — mobile responsive, WordPress based.

Website example: Ganz Allergy & Asthma Center

Medical practice

Ganz Allergy & Asthma Center website rebuilt in WordPress for easy editing, social sharing, and SEO, with site-wide SSL.
Website for Marble & Granite Sources, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Countertop contractor

Website for Marble & Granite Sources in Kenosha, Wisconsin, featuring photo gallery of their stunning custom countertops.
What types of websites do I build?

WordPress: Most of the websites I create are based in WordPress. This makes it very easy for you to edit copy, change menus, add new pages, delete old ones, insert photos, and so on.

Responsive: Since 2013, all websites I build are responsive, meaning that their sizing and layout are designed to adjust to whatever device a visitor is using — whether a smartphone, a tablet, a laptops or desktops. Responsive websites also show up more prominently in search results.

Search Engine Optimization: 20 years of studying web traffic statistics has given me some knowledge about how websites get found — especially websites for small businesses without big SEO budgets and thousands of pages. I take special pride in making sure that the many details involved in basic website optimization are correctly executed.
  • Restaurant websites
  • Contractor websites
  • Auto repair websites
  • Medical practice websites
  • Author websites
  • Nonprofit websites
  • Legal practice websites
  • Driving school websites
  • Photographer websites
  • Consultant websites
  • Special event websites
  • Musician websites
  • Band websites
  • Salon websites
  • Bakery websites
Website example: Gregory Berg's blog The Messy Professor

Personal blog

Personal website and blog of Gregory Berg, music professor, voice teacher, radio host, music director, composer, performer in Kenosha & Racine.
Enterprise mobility blog for InTu Mobility

Mobility consultants

Enterprise mobility blog for InTu Mobility with social sharing and MailChimp email subscriptions.
Web design example for videographer/photographer in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Videographer / photographer

Website designed for Kenosha, Wisconsin videographer-photographer Martin Eigenberger and his ForeverNow Video services.

Attract business

Use your custom website to cast a wide net and win over the people who need what you have.

Anchor your online presence

Your website is your online hub. Facebook, email lists, AdWords, etc. are the spokes.

Great web hosting

Some things to consider when deciding where your website is hosted.

  • Web design: For businesses, organizations, and individuals.
  • Easy-to-edit: Change or add pages in minutes.
  • Mobile-responsive: Website adapts to smartphones, tablets.
  • Optimized:  For search engines and social media sharing.

Growing your audience

As a freelance web designer for 20 years and counting, my goal is setting you up with brilliant tools that help you find a wider audience for your story, your services, and your products.

When you tell me that your sales volume has doubled — or that you’re amazed by the traffic your website is getting, or that you constantly get compliments on your website — I get a lot of satisfaction.

20 years as a web designer

Running a small business, you have to compete with bigger companies that can get away with offering less service because of their size. You learn your business more deeply than a team of recently hired staffers already looking to move on. You figure out how to get the most for your money, because there is no company budget for extravagance.

I understand — because this is my small business.

About Mark
8 dollars, 22 cents

Surprisingly small cost

The cost of a website depends on how many working hours are required to build it. But let's say a high-quality website for a restaurant costs $3,000. Spread over only a year, that's $8.22 per day. What does a newspaper ad cost for one day? Imagine that this website averages a mere 50 visitors a day — many of them specifically searching for a restaurant in the area. What's your profit if just one couple comes in and orders a meal? What if they enjoy it so much that they share your website with their friends?

One of the best features of being Mark's client is that he is always there to help even after his work is done. I can email him with a wide range of questions and he answers quickly and thoroughly. It's been a good experience.

— Martin Eigenberger, ForeverNow Video

At your service

Your new website is mobile responsive, so it displays properly on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It is optimized for social sharing, and with fundamental local SEO for search engines. It is built in WordPress, making it very easy for you to edit, add, or remove pages.

Need a landing page (like this one you're reading) for people who click an advertisement? Want a detail page for an annual event? Need to add a bio page for a new staff member? News releases? Testimonials? It's pretty easy — and if you need help, I have been here for my clients for 20 years.

October 2016

Up and running in 2-3 weeks

We discuss what you need. I write a proposal. You accept and pay half up front. I gather raw materials from you and build your new website. You preview it. Final revisions are made, and the website goes public. We meet for a couple hours of tutorial time so you can learn the basics of running the site. I bill you for the second half. This whole process typically takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Remaining in 2016








First come, first served

Being a freelancer does mean I have less overhead and a lower hourly rate than many web design agencies in the area. But it also means I can only take on a limited number of new projects per month.

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