Cows on Parade, Chicago: Hanukow at Water Tower

Chicago, Illinois — "Hanukow," a Department of Cultural Affairs entry in the 1999 "Chicago's Cows on Parade" art exhibit — the first U.S. iteration of the CowParade concept, which has since been imitated by tourism bureaus in nearly every city in the world using...

Founder of Chicago: Point du Sable’s front yard

Chicago, Illinois — View from approximately the location where Jean Baptiste Point du Sable — "The Founder of Chicago" — built the ciy's first permanent nonindigenous settlement sometime in the 1780s.

The Wrigley Building, Chicago

Chicago, Illinois — The Wrigley Building, seen from Michigan Avenue and showing the 14th floor walkway that connects the south tower (at left) with the north tower.

London Guarantee Building (Stone Container Building)

Chicago, Illinois — What I have always called the Stone Container Building (also known as the London Guarantee Building), seen from the Michigan Avenue Bridge. The fourth and fifth floors of the building were the home of WLS radio in its heyday, and in the wee hours...

N Michigan Avenue from Wacker Drive

Chicago, Illinois — North Michigan Avenue, viewed from Wacker Drive. The Wrigley Building is at left, John Hancock Center in the distance at center, and Tribune Tower at right.

Colored glass bottles

Chicago, Illinois — Colored glass bottles with stoppers for sale at Christkindlmarket Chicago.

Green Bay Packers matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls)

Chicago, Illinois — Matryoshka dolls (a.k.a. Russian nesting dolls or babushka dolls) for sale at Christkindlmarket Chicago include Green Bay Packers dolls, Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Charlie Chaplin dolls.

Chicago Christmas tree, 1999

Chicago, Illinois — Daley Plaza, with the official city Christmas tree and Chicago City Hall behind it.

Chicago: Metra rail commuters bustle

Chicago, Illinois — A man holding a child stands aside from the Metra commuter train passengers hurrying past them on both sides at the Ogilvie Transportation Center.

TV viewer

Kenosha, Wisconsin — Ian on my mom's couch, watching television.

Amy sleeping

Kenosha, Wisconsin — Amy, sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

Not dark yet

Kenosha, Wisconsin — It's not dark yet, but it's getting there

I hate plumbing

Kenosha, Wisconsin — Fixing a leak under the kitchen sink at our apartment.

Pair of peppers

Kenosha, Wisconsin — A pair of peppers (unpickled).


Burlington, Wisconsin --A swirl of activity surrounds Marianne at Karen's kitchen table.

Karen’s garden at sunset

Burlington, Wisconsin — Last rays of sunset light the trees beyond Karen's garden at Elderbrook Farm.

Quarterback Mark

Salem, Wisconsin — Throwing the football around at Silver Lake Park.

Dibble girls monkey pile

Salem, Wisconsin — A monkey pile of Dibble girls at Silver Lake Park picnic. Clockwise from left: Karen, Rachel, Laurie, Donna, Amy, Marianne.

Virgin Mary with deer

Waterford, Wisconsin — A Virgin Mary statue and a resting deer figurine decorate a headstone in Saint Thomas Aquinas Cemetery.

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkins in a farm field between Mukwonago and Waterford, Wisconsin.

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